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My name is Kyle Burlingame. I am currently an engineering student at Central Washington University. I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) and will graduate in June of 2016. I am also a full-time engineer for a company called Van Doren Sales that develops fruit packaging equipment. 

Senior Project Abstract


A device called the Multiple Apple Box Lift was designed to meet a customer’s requirements and to be presented at SOURCE. The purpose of this device was to lift the top half of stacked apples boxes on a pallet in order for the boxes beneath to be accessible. The funding for this device was cut. This led to the redesign of a 1/10th scale model of the device to prove the concept of the design at a smaller scale and at a huge fraction of the cost. This scale model was primarily made from ABS plastic using a rapid prototyping machine and Lego parts. Also, minor parts were made from metals using drills, grinders, and a milling machine. Once the device was complete, it showed that the design worked at a 1/10th scale and would most likely operate similarly at a full scale.





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